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I'm in the market for a new Toyota and would like tips on finding the best lease deals.

So far this is what I've gather on the best practices...

Toyota Red Tag Days often have great offers on most popular models. If you're good at negotiating and finding dealers that are easy to work with, you can sometimes walk away with pricing that's better than any listed promotions.

I've heard of situations were people get a few thousand off of MSRP.
If you buy closer to when they have to clear out old model, it could get even better!

To find the promos I suggest starting your search from this page: Toyota Lease Deals | Toyota Lease Specials
You can also check your dealers website for deals that might not on the main Toyota site.

Know what deals people are getting goes a long way and helps you know what to negotiate. LeaseHackr is an excellent source to gather the number you need: LEASEHACKR. They also have a lease calculator, articles that cover the latest on leasing and many other tips. is a good source as well for general leasing info and even the specifics.
Sort of like what they provide here on Toyota with the follow questions:
  • How Much Is It to Lease a New Toyota?
  • Can I Negotiate a New Toyota Lease?
  • How Much Does Toyota Charge for Extra Miles on a Lease?
  • Can I Transfer a New Toyota Lease?
  • Is It Worth Buying Out a New Toyota Lease?
  • What Are the Best Toyota Lease Deals Near me?
  • Is It Better to Buy or Lease a New Toyota?
Probably the most important of all is knowing how to calculator your lease. For that, this thread on r/PersonalFinance is a good start and goes well with the calculator I linked earlier.
I think that about covers all of the basics.

Feel free to include anything else you think will help :)
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