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Three available plans, each with 1 month, 1 year, or 2 year plan options.


NordVPN's newest feature protects you from ads, trackers, and malware
Take your cybersecurity to the next level with NordVPN’s Threat Protection feature. You don’t need to connect to a VPN server for it to work.

Once you enable it in the settings, Threat Protection will always make your browsing safer, faster, and smoother without tracking your actions online. Don’t worry about downloading malware, dealing with trackers and intrusive ads, or visiting a malicious URL. Threat Protection will take care of these cyber threats before they can do any real damage to your device or data.

One account, 6 devices.
Protect yourself, your friends, or your household without buying multiple accounts.

Easy-to-use app.
You don’t need to be a cryptographer to use NordVPN. Just pick a server and connect.

For all your gadgets.
Get NordVPN for your phone, tablet, and laptop. Don’t forget your smart TV and router.

NordVPN makes your online data unreadable to others
Once connected, you’re free to enjoy the internet in complete privacy.

Protect your online activity
Don’t let others track what you do on the internet — use a VPN to change your IP address and obscure your virtual location instead.

Safety anywhere, any time
NordVPN secures your online traffic with leading-edge encryption. This way, your sensitive data is safe when you browse on public Wi-Fi, or any other network.

Get full access to content
Not all countries see the internet in the same way. Bypass censorship and enjoy your favorite content by connecting to a VPN server.

30-day money-back guarantee
Not sure if this is what you need? Take your time to try the NordVPN service completely risk-free.