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We are a community of traders. We believe in helping traders trade well. We are founded by Darrell Martin a rancher and day trader who has built a thriving community of traders into over 30,000 members in over 150 countries since 2008. Our motto is Traders Helping Traders. After trying and reviewing all the funding companies we could find we set out to build a better model a model we would want. Darrell Martin has accomplished success in trading models getting $300,000 in payouts with just one funding company and set out to make a better one where he was not capped.

Why would you choose Apex Trader Funding?
We offer among the easiest to pass, lowest cost, highest contract plans with the fewest rules to empower you to move forward to a performance account so you can get paid. We don't restrict traders during holidays, news, or other cumbersome rules. We want you to trade anytime you want 23 hours a day between 6PM one day to closing all positions and orders by 4:59 PM ET the next day ET. We do not add in rules like daily drawdowns to knock you out or have plans that limit you with scaling. Our plans cap your contracts at the max contracts without failing you for going over your allowed contracts. We give you the flexibility to trade your way.

Our Phone Number 1-855-273-9873 (We recommend not calling us but using the help desk as we are constantly doing help desk tickets and online chat or tied up on the phone. The fastest way to get support is through our chat or help desk)

Our Address :
Apex Trader Funding Inc.
2028 E. Ben White Blvd
Ste 240 -9873
Austin, TX 78741

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Site Name : Apex Trader Funding
Coupon Code : MQMNHS11
Website :
Coupon Expiry : 31 March,2022
Percentage Off : 50% on All Plans

Thanks !
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