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Hey everyone,

I'm in the market for a new or used car and would like help finding a good deal on one.

A compact Honda, Toyota, Mazda, Nissan or Subaru is preferred, but won't mind something from another make if the model is affordable, reliable, dependable, cheap to maintain and gets good gas mileage.

To hunt down good deals on cars I have checked with Edmunds, Kelley Blue Book and National Automotive Dealers Association, Sometimes the best used car deals show up on Facebook Marketplace, Facebook Groups, Craigslist and similar sources since you're likely to come across individuals that are looking for a quick sale and won't mind negotiating it lower.

Then of course there's the old school option of just being on the look out for cars near your with For Sale signs posted on them.
Sometimes you can get those for WELL below market price.

More on the new (or new-ish) car end I found Leasehackr to be an excellent source for the best lease deals. They have a good marketplace, calculator and leasing 101 guide.
They even have a YouTube channel that well at covering some key stuff, even with the few videos they have.

Probably the most interesting is this Mazda MX-5 being lease for $105 a MONTH!

Pricing of CPO (Certified Pre-Owned) cars can sometimes work out well if you know what to look for. With this option you get the comfort of knowing the vehicle you're about to buy has been thoroughly looked over. I find this to be ideal if you plan on being a long term owner and buy closer to the lower end of the depreciation curve.

I hope my mention of 'depreciation curve' got your attention because it's what you should seriously consider before buying a new or used car.
Fourwheel Trader is easily one of the best source to get you up to speed.

This guide also goes over a lot of good details

Even with all I shared above, I still consider myself a newb.

So please share anything you think will be helpful!

Thanks :)
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