Bridesmaid Dresses Off The Shoulder Wedding Guest Dresses
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I'm about 5'5" (maybe 5'6", because I slouch a LOT), and this dress is definitely floor length. If you wear it with a 2-3+inch heel, it should definitely be fine. I'm not typically one to wear dresses or shirts where there's no real shoulder support and I went into this with low expectations thinking I would constantly feel the need to scoot the sleeves up, but no. I've not yet worn it for what I bought it for, but I did wear it around the house for 20 minutes doing things that I would be doing in it at the event; walking, waltzing, sitting, bending down to pick things up, etc. It was very comfortable in all regards. It fits very well when following the size guide, and it doesn't feel or look cheaply done. All in all, it was a very pleasant purchase from start to end (I beamed and was gloating to my husband about how nice it was and how flattering it was compared to my old dresses, and it really made me feel good in the moment and even afterwards).